Dentistry Speaker Dr Wayne Kerr

“Keep up your excellent work. You are a shining light in the CE world. We need you and your vast ‘real world’ experience.” Dr. Gordon J. Christensen; Director, Practical Clinical Courses, CEO and Co-Founder, Clinicians Report

“Thank you very much for lecturing again at the Hinman.  I have gained valuable and practical insights from you the past two Hinmans.  My patients are getting better care because of things you’ve taught me.” Bryan Robinson, DMD

“Wayne – It really was ‘Stuff Worth Knowin’!” Dr. Max Ferguson, Program Co-Chairman; Hinman Dental Meeting, 2013

“You played a bigger role than seminar lecturer. You were instrumental in this year’s success! Thanks!” Dr. Bradley K. Greenway, General Chairman, Hinman Dental Meeting, 2013

“What a great job – You must come and visit us again.” Dr. Aloysius F. Kleszynski, Director, Scientific Programs, Chicago Midwinter Meeting, 2013

“You did a fabulous job! I was reading the comments, and you were a BIG hit!  Many great comments about your lecture and useful information.” Katherine B. Allen, Scientific Chair, 2011, Southeastern District Dental Hygiene Society, Georgia

“Thank you for your assistance in making this year’s meeting exceed all expectations. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication as a presenter and we appreciate all that you did to contribute cutting-edge knowledge to the profession. We enjoyed having the opportunity to work with you during this meeting and we were fortunate to have you as a presenter at the 152nd ADA Annual Session.” Dr. Kent Percy, 2011 Programs Sub-committee, Council on ADA Sessions

“Thanks, Wayne. You are an important part of the success we have experienced this year. Without the cheers, we’re just like the rest. You always help us take it over the top.” Dr. Peter Kole, Co-Owner, Dental Hygiene Seminars, Inc., 2008

“On behalf of the Texas Dental Association, the Council on Annual Session wants to thank you for being a very special part of our 140th Annual Session and contributing to our meeting’s astounding success.” Dr. William S. Nantz, General Chairman, 2010 Texas Meeting

“I really enjoyed your lecture. It was the best lecture I attended this year. You helped to put things into perspective and I appreciate your sharing your life experiences with us. Thank you very much for the excellent lecture!” Dr. Yong Chang; Attendee Chicago Midwinter Meeting

“I was lucky enough to see a presentation by Dr. Wayne Kerr earlier this year and frankly I was blown away. Wayne’s tales of success and failure from his 35+ year career in dentistry had me laughing hard and seriously rethinking a lot of what I thought I knew about how to succeed as a solo practitioner.” Fred Joyal, CEO, Futuredontics

“Just wanted to thank you for your lecture and information at Yankee last Friday afternoon. I have used lots of your ideas already this past week, but know the real value will be to me in the future. I really appreciate the energy you brought to the course.” Dr. Neil Hoss, Attendee Yankee Dental Congress

“Congrats on a well delivered presentation! I wish I had half as much enthusiasm and charisma as you do! Your energy is contagious!” Dr. Paul Child; Attendee, Texas Meeting

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your lecture, and what a great job you did! You put a very interesting and entertaining spin on principles that we’ve learned over many years of experience. Thanks for all you have done for our profession.” Dr. Victor A. Koehler; Attendee

“Thank you so much for your great lecture. It was very helpful in learning better ways to deal with running an office.” Marilyn Bayer, Office Manager; Attendee, Chicago Midwinter Meeting

“Your course was very enjoyable and it was a pleasure meeting you.” Dr. Jeff Ruttencutter; Attendee, Chicago Midwinter Meeting

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your doing the single most valuable thing I think a human being can do – “give of one’s self.” It really takes a tremendous amount of courage and confidence to stand before a group of peers/colleagues and open up and share one’s personal and professional experiences – and yet I can’t think of anything that’s more valuable or cherished. I hope you never grow weary of hearing others speak of you as the unique and wonderful character you are – your enthusiasm and energy are unmatchable. Dentistry has a valuable asset in you.” Dr. Chris Adkins, Attendee

“It was such a pleasure meeting you in San Antonio. We truly appreciate your support of and participation in the 2010 Texas Meeting. Thank you for speaking and helping to make the meeting a great success.” Ms. Ann Pargac, Meetings Manager; Texas Dental Association

“I wanted to thank you for your talk ‘Stuff Worth Knowin’ About’ at Hinman 2015. I am a fellow member of the Hinman Dental Society, Georgia Tech alum, and father of three girls (and one boy). I found the talk to be helpful, authentic, and motivating. Your passion for your family and profession are clear. Thank you for your time and energy.” Bryan Robinson, DMD, Attendee, Hinman Meeting