Many dentists lack the necessary business skills to predictably plan for financial success.
Worse, they often make practice decisions on an emotional basis without understanding the impact to the practice.

Dr. Wayne Kerr

The Pandemic’s Behind Us… Now What?

Since 2020, lives and practices have changed forever, but past experiences
demand adaptation and creative responses. Prepare now for the next major
setback and consider innovative ways to address staffing shortages. Review
team building concepts to keep your team intact and discuss multiple ways to
reduce practice stress. Identify steps to take this year to plan for financial
success next year and beyond, and recognize three key practice indicators that
you need to track but don’t. Join Dr. Kerr as he shares numerous practical
tips and life skills in this informative and entertaining program sure to make
a positive impact upon your life.

From a “cold start” in a small community,

Dr. Wayne Kerr successfully established, managed, grew, operated, and transitioned a “fee for service” private practice. His presentations share his tales of success – as well as failure – from his thirty-five years of general practice and small-business ownership. Through stories, facts and formulas, Dr. Kerr provides proven business principles that can be immediately applied to improve lives, practices and financial health.

Choose from Dr. Kerr’s most popular topics or contact our office to learn more about customizing a presentation for your next meeting.

Wear It On a Tuesday...

Since 1994, Wayne has been sharing his wit, wisdom, and humor with members of the dental profession. Although he generally speaks on scientific topics or practice management, his presentations on “life skills” seem to resonate with audiences everywhere.

This presentation focuses on core values that contribute to success and happiness and reminds us of what is truly important in life. Join Wayne as he shares life experiences sure to educate, entertain, and inspire!

How to Get to Life After Dr.

Identify key concepts to facilitate the transition of a practice to new ownership, pitfalls to avoid, and steps to take after the sale. Learn how to calculate your “retirement number,” discover the secrets of the happiest retirees, and evaluate whether you’re ready to retire.

Key Elements for Practice Success!

This presentation introduces “ten elements for practice success,” and is designed to immediately enhance a practitioner’s knowledge of business concepts while empowering attendees to enjoy increased productivity, less stress, and greater happiness each day. Whether you’re new to practice, enjoying peak productivity, or nearing retirement, you won’t want to miss this informative and entertaining presentation that offers a little something for everyone! Benefit from Dr. Kerr’s experiences, as he shares tips, techniques, formulas, and stories certain to shorten your learning curve to success!

When Life Needs a Sticky Note…

Isn’t it satisfying to cross an item off a to-do list? It’s even more fun to complete a task on a sticky note and toss it. But some sticky notes are worth keeping and posting, especially those with messages that remind us of what’s truly important in our lives.

Wear it on a Tuesday…

and other stories to live by

“The many home-spun, life lessons taught in WIOAT are timeless and make us think! It brings us back to our own childhood so we can remember our own life lessons from those who shaped us.”  “Wear it on Tuesday” yells: Forget the idea of saving the best for special occasions. Every day is special!”

  • Linda Miles, former CEO, Linda Miles and Associates, Inc.

“The reminders of past are heartwarming and take me back to my childhood days. You hit it out of the ballpark my friend. “

Judy Kay Mausolf
CEO, Practice Solutions, Inc.

“I love how you take regular stories about regular people and teach something profound from them. You have a way of bringing these situations into a light where everyday people can relate, learn, and see the beauty in what lies before them. Please keep sharing your words of wisdom with all of us!”

Amanda Roberts

“I love how you take regular stories about regular people and teach something profound from them. You have a way of bringing these situations into a light where everyday people can relate, learn, and see the beauty in what lies before them. Please keep sharing your words of wisdom with all of us!”

Amanda Roberts

“Wayne, I think this book continues your themes of life lessons, and positivity and optimism about life. Your stories from experience illustrate your points and make them stick. Good work again, Wayne. The hits keep on coming.”

Jerry Miller, Jr. M.D.

“The book is great, but the real value to everyone should be seeing someone who could have shut down and gone on autopilot many years ago, continuing to burn brightly and add light to a dark and lonely world. You’re an inspiration to everyone to KEEP GOING!”

Chuck Blakeman
Author, “Making Money is Killing Your Business!”

“It's another great and thoughtful book! Keep 'em coming, my friend!”

Fred Joyal
Best-Selling Author, “Superbold”

It’s Okay to be Square…

and other wise platitudes.

Kerr’s at it again, sharing more witticisms through engaging stories to enhance the quality of your life! Like “When Life Needs a Sticky Note” and “Wise Words from Lessons Learned,” this book will educate, entertain, and inspire, and is another great professional gift or addition to the family’s home library. Enjoy!

“Congratulations on another fine work. You always deliver clear, succinct messages that are meaningful and worthy of application.”

Dick Biggs, CEO, B.O.L.D.
Author, “Burn Brightly Without Burning Out”

“What an excellent, edifying book! Great Godly principles and fun lessons! You’ve done it again!”

Darla Yeoman, Product Evaluation Director
Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report

“These books are crazy good! Your writing is really engaging and totally to-the-point! You are on to something special..”

Doug Carlsen, CEO

“This tome should be on the Best Sellers’ List. Your plain talk hits every nail right on the head.”

Dr. Ted Borris, Director, Scientific Programs
Chicago Dental Society

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Wise Words

… from lessons learned.

If you enjoyed reading “When Life Needs a Sticky Note,” you’ll like this book even more!  Well known for his wit, wisdom, and humor, Dr. Wayne Kerr shares ten “snippets of wisdom” passed on to him by his father.  This collection of essays is sure to inform, educate, and inspire readers everywhere, and is another great addition to a family’s home library.

“From your wealth of experience from a life well lived, you provide the reader with both general principles of wisdom and specific points of action. Well done, Wayne. I hope you have many readers who execute your ideas.”

Jerry Miller, Jr., M.D.

“I read the entire book in one sitting and found it to be entertaining and inspiring--just like you.”

Darrell Huckaby, Best Selling Author, “Need Two”

“It's an amazing positive guide for anyone who wishes to enjoy life more. I always thought your speaking skills were your finest trait, but your "writing from the heart" may be as good or better. “

Dr. Doug Carlsen, CEO Golich/Carlsen

“I love how you are always spreading joy!!! What a great story! Thanks for sharing.”

Amanda Cole Hill, RDH

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Keep up your excellent work. You are a shining light in the CE world. We need you and your vast ‘real world’ experience.

Dr. Gordon J. Christensen

You played a bigger role than seminar lecturer. You were instrumental in this year’s success! Thanks!

Dr. Bradley K. Greenway

Thank you for your assistance in making this year’s meeting exceed all expectations. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication as a presenter and we appreciate all that you did to contribute cutting-edge knowledge to the profession.

Dr. Kent Percy

Congrats on a well delivered presentation! I wish I had half as much enthusiasm and charisma as you do! Your energy is contagious!

Dr. Paul Child

Thank you very much for lecturing again at the Hinman. I have gained valuable and practical insights from you the past two Hinmans. My patients are getting better care because of things you’ve taught me.

Bryan Robinson, DMD





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