As a young man, I owned a yard business, and learned early in life that some folks could be more easily pleased than others.  My experiences as a grocery store bag boy during my teen years, only emphasized that point!

As a young dentist, however, I actually thought I could please everyone who presented to my practice for care.  Indeed, I recall going to exceptional lengths to ensure that my patients felt appreciated and well-served, and often discounted my fees for service to eliminate cost as a barrier to care.

But making and remaking a denture after approved wax try-ins, providing a dozen post-insertion adjustments for free, failing to charge enough to cover costs, or tolerating multiple broken appointments and excuses ultimately reaches a level of abuse.  Finally, one must ask the question, “Why am I allowing myself or my staff to be treated this way?”

As clinicians and small-business owners, we are under no legal obligation to provide care for everyone who walks through our door.  Why is it, then, that virtually all of us continue to serve a handful of patients that strike fear in our hearts when we see their names on the schedule during our morning huddle?

“Frequently Asked Legal Questions” is a valuable manual available from the ADA which addresses many issues which face us as practitioners, including the appropriate steps required to dismiss a patient.  We work too hard and care too much every day to allow our life’s spirit to be drained by the abusive, never-satisfied, self-absorbed energy suckers.  Stop allowing that!  Take the legal steps necessary to dismiss unneeded trouble!  Your staff (and family) will thank you!


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“Never borrow trouble.”
J.C. Kerr, Jr.

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