My friend, Jennifer, owns The Sketching Pad, a pre-pandemic favorite hangout for artists of all ages. For many years, Jennifer and her exceptionally creative team have hosted all manner of in-house art classes, painting parties, special events, and the all-important “paint by wine” event for adult dabblers.

Like so many small, family owned enterprises, The Sketching Pad suffered large financial losses when businesses were forced to close to “flatten the viral curve.” Through innovation, “outside the box thinking,” and teamwork, however, no one at The Sketching Pad lost their job during this challenging time.

Using their colorful and inviting web site and the creativity of the entire team, The Sketching Pad launched “paint at home” projects, including new ones each

week, and marketed their numerous products to all former clients. And, to ensure that any novice could succeed, they produced more than sixty online videos that coincide with each project to provide step by step instructions. Amazing!

When small businesses reopened here in Georgia, The Sketching Pad made in-person instruction possible again by using smaller tables with only two chairs at each, about eight feet apart. Jennifer and her team wear face shields, maintain appropriate distance, and have hand sanitizer available before and after you enter their studio.

The greatest thing about this American success story, however, is that Jennifer and her coworkers never allowed the pandemic to steal their dreams or cause them to lose hope. Anyone walking into their studio is immediately struck by their warm greeting and genuine smiles, high energy, and positive attitudes!

At a time when so many have sacrificed so much for the good of others, it’s important to remember that focusing on solutions, working toward a better day, and keeping hope in our hearts is precisely what we need to do. And Jennifer and her wonderful team have reminded me of that! Thanks so much, and best wishes for your continuing success! (For awesome art, visit



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“Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it,
for that determines our success or failure.”

~~Norman Vincent Peale


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