If you did your annual planning (as described in a previous blog), you’ve established a daily production goal to guide you and your practice to financial success for the New Year.   Ensure your ultimate success by using your morning huddle to start each day strong!

Not all practices embrace the concept of a morning huddle, but it’s your best tool to set the tone for the day.  Spending ten to fifteen minutes planning your day with your team clarifies a number of issues:

  1. Are we seeing any new patients today?  Is the paperwork complete?  Was this patient invited to our practice by a patient of record?  Who will provide the tour of the office before the initial interview in the consult room?
  2. Are we completing any major treatment today?  Is any necessary lab work here?  How will we celebrate this patient’s accomplishments?
  3. Are we seeing any patients of record who are celebrating a special event today or this week (birthday, anniversary, anniversary in the practice)?
  4. Are any patients moving from hygiene to restorative?  Should the exam be completed with the hygienist, or later in the operatory?
  5. Are any patients moving from restorative to hygiene?  Will the patient be numb?  Will a temporary be in place?
  6. Are we seeing any patients of record today with incomplete treatment plans?  If so, why?  Is there a financial issue we need to address?  Is it near the end of the year and the patient is waiting for new benefits?  Did we fail to adequately educate the patient as to why we’ve recommended the treatment?  Do we need to revisit the issue with the intra-oral camera or show an educational video?
  7. Are we seeing any patients of record whose family members are overdue?
  8. Are we seeing any patients of record for the final time due to a move?  In what way do we want to thank or recognize them?  Do we have a release for a transfer of records, and are the records in order?
  9. Is there an opportunity for any “same day dentistry” should the need arise?
  10. When is the best time of day to work in an emergency?

Although this list isn’t all-inclusive, it should stimulate your thinking as to what information should be discussed each morning as a team to maximize your time together in serving your patients.  Remember, if you start strong each day, you’ll end strong for the year as well!  Wishing you continued good luck!  May all your goals become reality, and all your dreams come true!


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