As we face numerous challenges during this unprecedented pandemic, it’s good to keep some fundamentals in mind:

1. Live within your means Buying things you can’t afford puts your family at risk. It’s times like these that underscore the importance of having a “rainy day fund.” And practice owners who don’t understand their overhead might use this crisis to fully identify the true costs of doing business.

2. Rely on your systems  Written, teachable, reproducible systems are in place for a reason: they provide necessary structure to help us function during challenging times. Reinvent and innovate as needed, but don’t abandon the basics.

3. Respect authority  We’ve all been given guidelines to follow to help “flatten the viral curve.” Honoring those guidelines could truly minimize the impact of this pandemic on us all.

4. Be kind  There’s always a place for compassion and common courtesy, perhaps now more than ever. Share a smile and lift each other’s spirits.

5. Embrace your family  Many Americans have children at home as public schools and daycares close nationwide. Take this opportunity to enhance family relationships and culture. Picnic in your back yard, take a walk together in a local park, enjoy a family movie night, or break out those board-game favorites like Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly. For those who might benefit from the experience of others, download “Instant Homeschool: a quick guide to establishing structure and sanity at home with your kids in the midst of a pandemic,” by Erin Lovelace, (Kindle version: $2.99.)

It’s my sincere hope that all of us will emerge stronger as we survive this crisis. Stronger as individuals, closer as a family, kinder as a community, and more resilient as business owners. Work for the common good, respect each other, and stay well.

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  • Bob Garrett says:

    Good writing and reading.
    I am GrandBob from our meeting at Panola park with Barbara and the other ladies of my walking group (in this case sitting and talking group!).


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