Although I sold my practice nearly nine years ago, I’m still tediously sorting through dozens of boxes of business records, carefully shredding sensitive documents and tossing unimportant files. Buried in those boxes of papers, copious notes from continuing education classes, and product catalogues, however, are numerous “treasures” that bring back fond memories and put a smile on my face.

In addition to many kind notes of appreciation from my patients and thoughtful cards from my staff, I find that old newspaper clippings remind me of some of the amazing things my practice was able to do for our community… all good stuff! It reminds me that it’s super important to do those things which can help us keep a positive outlook as the new year unfolds, including reminiscing on happy times.

Two of my favorite “discoveries” include a beautifully illustrated calendar from 2001 drawn by a local artist and a newspaper article written by a dear friend. The calendar illustrations are of various scenes from around our small town, including the old train depot and stone water tower. The newspaper article was posted on Christmas eve, 2008, and describes the occasional hilarity of assembling special items from Santa late into the night. It’s appropriately titled, “Some Assembly Required,” and advises moms and dads everywhere that batteries are never included, Slot A never fits into Slot B, and there are always a few missing parts like nuts, bolts, and sometimes wheels! The calendar reminded me of the unique beauty and history of my community, and the article took me back to Christmas eve “adventures” of my own.

Zig Ziglar once suggested that we “Learn from the past without living there, live and grow in the present, and look to the future with hope and optimism.” And though I don’t choose to “live in the past,” I do choose to embrace and celebrate past events and experiences which have brought great joy to my life. Who knew that cleaning out your basement could be so much fun?!?

May you find your own treasures this year that warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. And always remember to celebrate the “good stuff.”

Mountaintop Moments(3) resizedThe greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.
~~Judy Garland


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