I’ve always maintained that success in dentistry is dependent upon the doctor and team establishing a personal relationship with each patient, by focusing on – and caring for – one patient at a time. After that, it’s the details that truly make the difference, and set one’s practice apart from others.

Whether it’s the warmth and comfort of your reception area, the welcoming smiles of your business staff, the practiced competence of your clinical team, your infection control procedures, or simply the smell of your office, the details do ultimately impact your business success.

Recently, I had the good fortune to cruise on Disney’s ship, “Fantasy,” and couldn’t help but notice the exceptional attention to detail that every cast member demonstrated. Water, dripped from a bathing suit, was immediately squeegeed from the deck. Passengers were consistently greeted with smiles. The wait staff teams performed their tasks with perfect choreography, and the cabins were impeccably maintained throughout the day.

While in port, the ship’s crew went into maintenance mode, cleaning, washing, scrubbing, and painting, as needed. No time was lost; no opportunity missed!

Disney’s Imagineers created specific “zones” on the ship (family, sports, youth, dining, entertainment, etc.) using color, texture, lighting, carpet, wallpaper, and artwork at each stairway landing, to transition guests from one zone to the next! The themed creativity was both effective and amazing!!

What do you see when you walk into your office? Are the grounds and facility maintained? Is your reception area pleasant; your magazines pristine? Are your operatories and business office well organized and clutter-free? What do you smell? And what energy and attitude does your team bring to work each day?

In short, are you paying attention to the details that contribute to your success? Disney certainly does….



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“The difference between failure and success is
doing a thing nearly right, and doing a thing exactly right.”

Edward Simmons

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