Dentistry is a relationship-driven business, and those who don’t understand that will never experience sustained success. When we enjoy a personal relationship with those for whom we care, trust is more easily established which naturally leads to greater treatment acceptance and a commitment to continuing care.

As a young dentist, my focus necessarily shifted from boyhood friendships to patient relationships. In truth, I lost contact with numerous friends as my professional responsibilities and life’s many challenges became increasingly demanding. A recent event changed that, however, and reminded me that true friendships last forever! That event was my Fiftieth High-School Reunion.

Although I had anticipated a “milestone” event, I was completely unprepared for the extra-ordinary experience I enjoyed. The host committee had organized three separate, superb events during a short, seventeen-hour period that were life-changing and left me smiling for weeks!

Sandwiched between gayety and laughter, warm hugs and genuine smiles, favorite stories and fond memories, we paid tribute to those no longer with us, and were reminded of just how fortunate and blessed we’ve been. Winter Park’s Class of 1969, the last to graduate from our classic Floridian campus, was a truly remarkable group. We learned good manners from our parents, understood that life guarantees us nothing, and embraced our futures with a “can-do” attitude.

What most impressed me was that the weekend festivities were true celebrations of life. What one had accomplished or how one looked was unimportant. All anyone really cared about was that we were there, together again. Laughter rang out as we revisited past adventures, old friendships were renewed while new ones were made, and tears occasionally flowed as we openly embraced each other, free from the insecurities and uncertainties of youth. Shazzam!

Rumor has it that we will gather together again in 2024! I sure hope so, ‘cause I’m looking forward to dancing again with my Prom Queen, hugging the neck of my college roommate, and reliving life’s joys and celebrations with people I love.

Strong personal relationships can contribute to business success, but – more importantly – enhance the quality of our lives. If you’ve allowed some friendships to languish, as did I, pick up your phone and make a call. Write a note. Send a card or email. Our relationships with each other are important. Nourish them. Grow them. Maintain them. Good friends add joy to our lives and nourish our souls. Get busy…


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“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing,
keep pretending. We’ve done just what we set out to do,
thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you.

Kermit and the Muppets
“It’s Not Easy Being Green” by Jim Henson

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