I knew my visiting grandchildren would love the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s display of “The Curious Garden,” inspired by famed Disney arborist, Adam Schwerner. What I didn’t know – nor suspect – however, was how an employee of the Garden would add memorable value to our visit!

Having worked only two years for the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Charles, proved to be far more than a clock-puncher. Much to my surprise, he asked if I was local, and might return. When I informed him that I lived an hour away, but that my daughter and grandchildren lived in California, he suggested we buy a family pass, good for a full year, instead of a single day pass for the four of us.

Sure enough, his math proved of value, as the family pass was just a few dollars more. Not only could we use the family pass as often as we wanted for the next year, we could bring two guests with us as well. And, children aged 18 and under, accompanied by a pass-holder, were free! What a deal!

When Charles completed the purchase details for us, we were astonished to discover that he had listed both my name and my daughter’s name on the membership cards. He explained that California had more than thirty botanical gardens that she and her family could visit for the next year, while my wife and I could enjoy the Atlanta and Gainesville gardens. And, oh yeah, he also gave us four passes to any botanical garden in the country good for fifteen months!

Charles wasn’t just an enthusiastic employee, he was an ambassador for the Garden, determined that we would find value in our visit, and return many times to enjoy the surrounding serenity and beauty. Thank you, Charles! We will!

Are your team members ambassadors for your practice, enthusiastically promoting all that you offer, or are they simply “punching the clock?” The answer to that question is the difference between an average practice, and one with unlimited potential! If you can’t see the difference, I’d suggest you visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and ask for Charles.


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