Like many, I’ve enjoyed some significant professional milestones throughout my career. And, like many, I have enjoyed those experiences in large part due to those who have befriended and mentored me along the way…

I sincerely doubt that I would have become adept at practice management or team building/leadership without the help of Dr. James R. Pride, Founder and former CEO of the Pride Institute. Nor would I have learned to interpret my “practice numbers” and understand the “why” behind the business decisions I made through the years without current Pride CEO, Amy Morgan, sharing her knowledge with me. And, without question, learning advanced clinical techniques through the “hands-on” instruction by the Dean of Dentistry, Dr. Gordon J. Christensen (Practical Clinical Courses) shortened my learning curve, and greatly accelerated the growth and success of my practice!

Some of the milestones I celebrated while learning from these masters included earning my Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in 1989, Mastership in the Academy in 1994, and being named a recipient of the Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition in 2011.

Perhaps the greatest milestone of my career, however, was one I never saw coming nor anticipated! Presenting multiple programs as a Featured Clinician for the 103rd Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting last March was a “mountain top” experience for me, as well as a personal and professional privilege. In doing so, I received the cherished and highly coveted “Hinman Medallion!” Let me share a bit about it:Hinman and Spring 2015 037WP1

“The Thomas P. Hinman Medallion you have been awarded is considered one of the highest honors bestowed in dentistry. In any field of endeavor, there are pinnacles of achievement and recognition which may be attained by the accumulation of knowledge, by the sharing of this knowledge with others, or by making it possible for others to accomplish these things. This you have done; and thus are deserving of the award you have received.” *

That General Chairman, Dr. Dave Lee, and program Co-Chairs Dr. Paul Isler and Dr. Jonathan Dubin thought that I had something worth sharing to some of the meeting’s many attendees, is a tribute to those who helped me gain that knowledge throughout my career! Another incredible professional milestone, and another opportunity to say “Thank you!” to my Hinman Society friends, and the many others along the way who have made these experiences possible…☺

*Quotation provided by the Hinman Dental Society


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“We are here only to serve others. And in helping others to succeed, we help ourselves – we ensure our own success.”
Earl Nightingale

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