It’s a new year! Hooray! Are you ready to take your practice to new levels of success? The following tips may help….

1. Know your numbers.
You can’t reach a goal if you don’t have one! Divide your fixed and variable operational costs (including retirement plan contributions) plus your family budget by the number of days you’ll work this year for your daily production goal.

2. Plan your day.
Meet with your team each morning to identify those patients with incomplete treatment and review pending open block time. Consider best times for same-day dentistry and emergency care.

3. Seat patients on time.
Time your procedures. Schedule using ten-minute time units. Add an additional unit or two for a difficult patient or procedure. Always keep an open chair.

4. Greet your patients by name.
You know who’s coming in and when. Why not make them feel welcome by addressing them by name?

5. Commit to training and continuing education.
Improve management systems by bringing in a consultant where needed, and commit to continued professional growth with C. E. for the entire team.

6. Have fun!
Providing clinical and service excellence isn’t easy, but don’t forget to find joy in every day. Laughter raises everyone’s energy level while easing patient tensions.

Incorporating some or all these suggestions can help you and your team have a fantastic year! The ultimate key to success, however, is to focus on caring for one patient at a time so that their treatment experience is valued. Good luck!


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