Just as this first year of retirement from the clinical practice of dentistry brought many great (and exciting) changes to my life, my retirement necessarily brought changes to the lives of my children as well! Specifically, after having provided them with dental care through the first three decades (or so) of their lives, they each now had to find a new dentist and dental practice for their continuing care.

Yes, all three utilized social media platform reviews and visited numerous practice websites to narrow their searches, but all ultimately made their selections based upon the old-fashioned method known as “word of mouth.” It helped that two of the kids, who live in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, took advantage of suggested names of long-trusted friends as a starting point (thank you Doctors Marvin Winter and James Stansbury)! Our third child, however, was on her own.

While working for Disney, she always scheduled a dental appointment when in town for a family visit. With my practice transitioned and now living in California, however, she launched a thorough search focusing on her local Orange County community, and ultimately selected the practice of Dr. Jay Bauman.

Because I was in the Los Angeles area on business at the time, I accompanied my daughter for her first visit with Dr. Jay. Upon entering the office, she was greeted by name and welcomed to the practice by the office manager who stood to shake her hand. We enjoyed the sounds of laughter coming from within while filling out the new patient paperwork, and were astonished when Dr. Jay personally entered the reception room to welcome my daughter as well! Shazzam!

Breaking free from a comfortable life-long routine can be both challenging and traumatic, but I’m delighted to say that my children’s transitions to new dental practices were neither. All have received outstanding care from their new care-givers, who continue to build lasting relationships with them, based upon education, trust, compassion, and service excellence! Thank you doctors, for looking after the continued oral wellness of my life’s greatest blessings….


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“People can’t assess a dentist’s clinical skills, but they can quickly
and easily assess the experience of being in the practice.”

Fred Joyal
From: “Becoming Remarkable”


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