As a young boy growing up in the fifties, I remember helping my dad fix things. Whether it was the car, the furnace, or the sink, my dad could fix it, and – by working beside him – I learned to fix things too.

We weren’t well-to-do by any stretch of the imagination. We ate the heels of every loaf of bread, drank each gallon of milk to the last drop, and packed bologna and cheese sandwiches every Sunday afternoon for our school lunches for the coming week.

But when it came to fixing things, my dad had the finest tools money could buy. One day I asked Dad about that: “If money’s so tight, how come you only buy Craftsman tools from Sears?” His answer was a moment which has stayed with me through more than six decades… He put his hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Son, we’re too poor to buy cheap. Buy quality tools, take care of them, and they will last a lifetime.”

That philosophy served me well throughout my thirty-five-year career. I bought quality instruments and equipment, and – with the help of my teammates and suppliers – maintained them, enjoying many years of service beyond the normal lifetime of such items. Not only does such a philosophy lower one’s overhead but promoting quality in everything you do will contribute to your practice’s success.

Build quality relationships with your patients, and they will remain loyal to you. Use the best materials and certified lab professionals you can find to ensure your patients receive the finest care possible. Establish a practice culture that attracts teammates with a great attitude who share your vision and will help you build the practice of your dreams.

Are you “too poor to buy cheap?” If so, I would suggest that you are on the right track. Good luck and best wishes for your continuing success!


Life After Dr. and How to Get There

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“Quality is never an accident.”
John Ruskin

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