Late spring, 1973, I asked a classmate for help preparing for our final in Physical Biology at Georgia Tech. She agreed, on the condition that I take her out for a “vertical” banana split at Zesto’s. As I drove to her dorm to pick her up, the radio was playing “Beginnings” by the Chicago Transit Authority. Little did I realize that our study date would lead to marriage and a fabulous life together!

Now, nearly forty-two years later, life is offering me another “beginning!” Having left the daily practice of clinical dentistry and materials research at the end of 2015, my focus is now totally devoted to writing, speaking, and teaching.

This year is my twenty-fourth helping senior dental hygiene students prepare for their National Board Exam through Dental Hygiene Seminars, and my seventh as an invited clinician to some of our nation’s best dental meetings. Opportunities such as these are a great privilege, and all deserve my very best effort.

It’s my passion to share knowledge gained through the “school of hard knocks” with my peers, in an effort to enhance their clinical and financial success, as well as to find joy in every day. In my view, a career in dentistry is without peer, but it can be both stressful and challenging, especially without formal business training.

World-renowned mentors like Drs. Jim Pride ( and Gordon Christensen ( impacted my career at key moments in very positive ways, and my professional goal to earn Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry made great “hands-on” training possible while exposing me to some of the finest teachers of the day! Investing in myself to become a better employer, team leader, and clinician, was expensive, but money wisely spent!

As I contribute my best to attendees across the country and in Canada this year, I will be mindful that they haven’t just “paid a price” to hear me, but have indeed given me something far more precious – their time! It will be my commitment to them, that their time will be well spent!

How exciting, to embrace this new beginning….


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“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”


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