Sometimes we’re blessed with such an extraordinary experience, we just can’t believe how fortunate we are, nor can we stop smiling! I call them, “Million Dollar Days,” because there’s no amount of money I’d take in place of the sheer joy I feel in my heart at those special moments and rare occasions! My son-in-law calls them “goose-bump” memories.

Each February I’m privileged to spend ten days in California while helping senior dental hygiene students prepare for their national board exam through Dental Hygiene Seminars, Inc.   This past trip was exceptional in that we traveled up the coast – from Los Angeles to San Francisco – with our “California daughter” and her two children.

We enjoyed absolutely perfect “Chamber of Commerce” weather each day, and shared special adventures, as we drove north on Highway 1, better known as the Pacific Coast Highway. From the elephant seals just north of San Simeon, to Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur and beyond to the Golden Gate, each bend in the road – and amazing new vistas – filled us with wonder and a sense of appreciation, as well as childish squeals of delight!

From Big Sur’s Ragged Point to the famous wharf of San Francisco, we “crushed” pennies to add to our growing collection of souvenirs! The remarkable “moon” bridge at Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden enthralled our grandchildren, as each climbed to the top to witness their reflection in the water below. Whether feeding the koi at the Embassy Suites, Brea, or feeding ourselves with a simple road-side picnic, seemingly every activity filled our hearts with joy!

Sometimes we’re blessed with such an extraordinary experience, we just can’t believe how fortunate we are, nor can we stop smiling! I’ve been blessed with a generous smattering of “Million Dollar Days” in my life, and am deeply – and humbly – appreciative of each and every one. But now, as I reflect upon the amazing family adventures and experiences of the week gone by, my heart is filled with very special “goose-bump” memories…. Thanks be to God!


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