Professional burnout can occur for a variety of reasons, but is most often the result of frustration, disappointment, or disillusionment. Avoid the sense of doom and despair by incorporating some of the following tips!

     1.  Understand the stage of business your practice is experiencing. If you have survived the early stages of establishing a practice and reached a point of peak performance, understand that your principle objective is to maintain the status quo and plan for transition, not grow the practice.

     2.  Let realistic goals, and take specific steps to achieve them. Nothing leads to disappointment faster than failing to meet unrealistic goals! Work with your team to plan realistic and achievable goals; then take those steps necessary each day to do so and track your progress!

     3.  Invest in your team. Dentists are inherently cheap, and frequently fail to invest in their staff. The doctor must absolutely realize that the practice is only as good as the team! Spend some bucks! Help your teammates grow professionally!

     4.  Invest in your personal and professional growth. General dentists are most fortunate to be able to provide a wide array of professional services. Invest in yourself, your office, and in new technology. Enhance your clinical, managerial, and leadership skills!

     5.  Stay involved in your community. Chair your local advisory committee. Serve as president of a service club. Teach third graders during dental health month! Stay active and involved!

     6.  Give stuff away. Use your position as a local professional to make a positive impact for others! There are so very many opportunities to do this! Just plug in

These tips, and others, can prevent professional burnout! The bottom line is, keep reinventing yourself and your practice! If you simply occupy 90 square feet of operatory space each day doing the same thing all the time without growing and moving forward, you deserve to burn out! Get moving, and have a great year!


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“It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.”
Vince Lombardi


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