During the first week of July, our nation will celebrate the 239th anniversary of its founding! Two days before that historic date, however, my wife and I will celebrate the first birthday of our newest grand-daughter! Woo Hoo!

It’s a bit ironic that she was born on the 2nd of July, as our son-in-law is English! I remember meeting him for the very first time at a 4th of July picnic. As we clinked the necks of our Newcastle Browns, I said, “Happy Fourth of July!” To which he replied, “Yes, Wayne. Let’s drink to the bloody bad aim of the British!”

Indeed, if you have ever read the phenomenal historic account of America’s birth as told by David McCullough in “1776,” you know just how tenuous and uncertain the founding of our nation was, and how very special in world history it is. That we are the United States of America at all, is a testament to the incredible vision, courage, sacrifice, and determination of those patriots of yore.

As my wife and I enjoy this great American holiday this year with a family picnic and sparklers, we will be especially grateful that this land of freedom and opportunity brought us a bright and talented son-in-law and a beautiful granddaughter! How blessed are we?

May God continue to bless America!


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“There is a Destiny which has the control of our actions,
not to be resisted by the strongest efforts of Human Nature.”

George Washington, 1758


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